Jellyfish Training Centre

We offer training through several delivery methods, including online demonstration videos and user guides. Our user guides have been designed for administrators to get a detailed understanding of the technical elements integrating identity, credentials and access management and enabling the creation of automatic workflows. Our online video’s shows some of the features of Jellyfish. Importantly, you will see how simple and easy Jellyfish is to operate and how it passes data through disparate systems and uses triggers on one platform to impact another.


Jellyfish Overview Videos

Jellyfish Module Videos

Altering Module

This feature encompasses alerts from Endpoint Security services (Anti-Virus/Malware), Audit (SIEM) services, Physical Access Control Systems, any Domain Violations detected from Certificate Authorities.

App Management Module

Coming soon.

Automatic Enrolment (Linux)

Autoenrolment module for Linux allows Linux machines to auto enrol and renew digital certificate. The module leverages Simple Certificate Enrolment Protocol and Certmonger to achieve certificate request and enrolment.

Email Encryption Outlook (Desktop)

The Outlook desktop application can also use the email encryption proxy, with no extra setup required. This means that an organisation can easily integrate email encryption into their current O365 services.

Identity Management Module

The identity management module includes a search tool, and functions to create user, create device and create role.

Monitoring Module

The monitoring page contains detailed information about all hosts and services that are currently monitored within your infrastructure.

Self Service Module

The self service module enables features such as changing the current user’s password and managing the current user’s account, These features reduce the burden on service desk staff within an organisation.

Altering (Infrastructure)

The infrastructure alerts feature illustrates the status of your entire infrastructure, as well as any outstanding alerts or issues with services, hosts, and any other checks you may be performing on your environment.

Audit Module

Audit information allows you to see overall activity of your environment, and to act should any anomalies be found.

Automatic Enrolment (Let's Encrypt)

The LetsEncrypt Proxy feature provides the ability to capture of all certificates issued or renewed from the free LetsEncrypt Certificate Authority, which can be leveraged for globally-trusted external web server certificates.

Email Gateway Encryption

Email gateway encryption allows organisations to encrypt their emails before it gets stored on the Microsoft server.

Key Management Module

The Key Management Modules enables features including certificate download, accessing HSM objects, and accessing HSM tokens.

Physical Access Management Module

The physical access management module includes the endpoint overview page, which shows the number of end points (devices, servers, workstations, etc.) that are connected or disconnected from the service, the number of endpoints out of date and how many have and have not been scanned recently.

Support Module

The support module within Jellyfish enables users to change another user’s password, manage user accounts, create a support ticket, search for a specific support ticket, edit a specific support ticket and delete a specific support ticket.

Anonymous Portal Module

The anonymous portal allows a certificate to be obtained without authenticating the Jellyfish website.

Automatic Enrolment (Windows)

Jellyfish’s autoenrolment module for Windows allows auto enrol and renew of digital certificates on Windows machines for both Machine and User certificates including smartcard and virtual smartcard.

Credential Management Module

Within the credential management module, functions including search, issuing user certificates, issuing device certificates and pre-generating a certificate signing request can be performed.

Mobile Device Management Module

The mobile device management module includes features to issue a device certificate and search for mobile devices.

Reporting Module

The reporting module contains pages including the current invoice report page, and the current usage report page, and allows specific invoices to be downloaded.

Workflow Module

The workflow module allows users to view pending role approvals, this is useful for users within approval positions, where they may be expected to approve role, group, and other attribute changes to users within the Identity Manager.