The Cyber Security Command & Control Center
  • Jellyfish® is an innovative cyber security platform that brings a unified approach to security by aggregating security services and products.
  • Jellyfish® is an aggregator of numerous security services and products – providing full credential management with identity and access management.
  • This means organisations can make better access control decisions and be aware of more vulnerabilities due to this integrated interface.

Smart cards, smart card readers, USB and OTP tokens

  • Our smart card, smart card reader, USB and OTP tokens respond to the needs for strong authentication, data loss prevention, compliance to governmental security directives and the growing demand for qualified digital signature.
  • Please read our Smart cards and CMS fact sheet.

Identity Management (IdM)

Authentication and Access Management
  • Identity Management (IdM) systems provide the basis for the collection, management and synchronisation of identity information and attributes between disparate systems.
  • Our IdM solutions provide strong authentication to ensure users accessing your network are who they claim to be through Identity and Access Management applications such as network authentication, digital signatures and other services based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

Hardware Security Modules

Provide high level of security for transactions, identities, and applications
  • Our HSMs provide a high level of protection for transactions, identities, and applications by securing cryptographic keys and provisioning encryption, decryption, authentication, and digital signing services.
  • Performance is enhanced through a larger transactional throughput.

Our cloud offering

Build security into your cloud service
  • Cloud Access Security Brokerage (CASB) is a series of services which allow for consumers to extend their internal security policies to cloud services. Some  of the services include:
  • Virtual server protection and encryption
  • File encryption and Database encryption
  • Secure Storage from the customer’s site and for Cryptographic Keys

Card Management Services

Control life-cycle management for smart cards
  • Our Card Management Service (CMS) is used for the lifecycle management of our smart cards. Our CMS provides the interface for the Registration of smart cards, Enrollment of identities, Issuance of a smart card, Activation of a smart card, Lifecycle activities such as locking, unlocking, revocation and retirement/deletion.