In this video Richard presents the various features of Jellyfish, walking through each feature on the Jellyfish interface. Click the image above to view the video.

Richard explores the main features of Jellyfish presented in the table below.


Identity Management
  • Provide strong authentication to ensure users accessing your network are who they claim to be
  • Network authentication
  • Digital signatures
  • Manage identity throughout its lifecycle
 Access Management
  • Integrated Physical and Logical Access
  • Web-based Access to services
  • HR workflow – access to workflow
  • Access Management based on the known and assured identity
 Mobile Device Management
  • Remotely manage the entire lifecycle of a device
  • Online authentication with a convenient single ID password
 Credential Management
  • Manage associations between an identity and their issued credentials
  • Manage Lifecycle of trusted tokens
  • Management of virtual smart cards and credentials to smartphones and other mobile devices
 Protected Data Store:
  • Provides key management
  • Transparent encryption of structured, sensitive data residing in:
    • Databases
    • Files
    • File Systems
    • Storage Units
    • Applications

And Much more

Jellyfish provides the most innovative and comprehensive set of requirements enabling security, privacy, confidentiality, integrity and availability of all information.

• A connector of systems

• Modular – with no vendor lock in for individual components

• A single source of truth

• ‘All in one’ credential management service

• Single sign-on capability

• Authentication translation service

• Reliable and mature back-end

• Secure storage

• Get your keys

• Control your devices